I love rain, hope you too)


I haven’t any creative ideas, so i created generic screen and edited it.

I love contrast, hope you do too.

I love how you managed to make everything look wet with the contrast, pretty clever. But the overall rain effect is not convincing, looks too 2D.

Rain looks okay, contrast is nice.

Composition is awful.

Posing needs work too, that looks extremely uncomfortable.

I worked at a WWII museum and did reenactments all the time - Trust me, that position isn’t too uncomfortable in comparison to others - so long as it’s just for a few minutes. :eng101:

Nice work, OP.

Nicely done.
The contrast along with the rain gives that great wet and muddy feeling that all WWII movies seem to have.

I can one-up you on that

It’s a downright terrible shooting position. He could be making much better use of that cover, not only to cover himself but also to support the weapon properly rather than support his arms. Aside from that, it looks awkward, and that’s not really a good thing in a pose regardless of whether it’s possible or not.

Thanks, I’ll think about that.

I love these rain ;D
Great job.