I love rust, but...

hey all, i’m new to this forum and on rust, and i must say i REALLY love the game.
some people say it’s a minecraft clone, but no that is just what people say who never played it.
the way the game makes you feel is unique, it’s not just surviving, it’s surviving between 100 other people doing the same.

the only REAL problem i see that needs fixing asap is the cheaters and hackers on official servers. there are no mods there unfortunately so nobody can ban the cheaters.
Two of my friends got killed and looted by hackers last night. while they were in their house. no walls were broken, no doors, nothing. they just ran through the wall, killed them and took everything.
that is just awful and i hear more and more people talking about this issue. the chat is constantly filled with omg hacker here and omg cheater there. of course 60% isn’t true, but there are some out there…

is there any news about what the devs will do to fix this? add in or external admins in the official servers? or a better anti-cheat system?

other than that the game is amazing and i really can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

Go facepunch :slight_smile:

Greetz, Skull

Well, Easy Anti Cheat - anti cheat systems should be introduced at some point - soon

hopefully complete removal of automatic weapons will partially solve this problem

yeah sure remove the m4 and they will rape u with 250.

Wont help.

And yes happend to my 2 metal bases both were noclipped(yes it is possible again i even found the site to get it and its free) my advise for now, stop playing this game its absouluty no sense to play when people just go thorugh your house without doin anything just runnin weird free cheats…anyway me and all my friends stopped playin.

Just dont play on the official servers… I have almost 500 hours and never played on them. If you like vanilla play vanilla otherwise try a modded server, either way there will be admins(if its a good one) and hackers are much less prevalent. I have not had a hacker problem in weeks and I honestly have no idea why there are so many of these threads… Why wait for them to fix the hacker situation (not as simple as you think) when there are plenty of servers that have admins that ban hackers…

Same here. I have 430+ hours on rust and ive never been on a official.