I love the progression - BUT

There could be more :D!

The resource gathering progression has improved from Legacy by 10 times. Many different types of items, but there hasn’t been any addition of anything else to gather.

Many early civilizations used metals found in rocks; copper, malachite, obsidian, etc.

As more progression we could utilize copper in tools by applying upgrades to pre-existing items - eg: Salvaged Ice Pick -> Item Copper Weapon Reinforcement -> Apply Item to Salvaged Ice Pick -> Now that specific pick has more durability/ harvest potential etc.

Could have weapon upgrades with Obsidian (Mayan) or even decor and wall art with these polished black stones. Adding an place-able item like the repair bench but it’s a stone smoother or something along those lines would be a feasible way to make house art.

Another place-able item similar to the furnace could be the wooden stove (metal + wood + stone) - an oven that could save your meat, but at a price for cooking a lot more wood and requiring a fair bit of metal to make. Unlike the campfire it wouldn’t burn your meat until it had been cooked for much longer.

I really like this idea, and I’m pretty sure the devs are planning on doing something like this in the future.

For what my opinion goes… I think we have a bright future ahead of us in rust!!!

I logged into Rust “not legacy” for the first time in months today and I can say that the progress is tangible, if not only in how the game runs.

Let me offer a differing opinion. I personally hate the progression. Maybe its the servers I’ve played on being in the population of 20-60. Back in legacy I could get most if not all my blueprints learned relatively quickly, more so if the server was already started ahead of when I joined. Today rust to me just feels like a constant grind. Punch barrels for 3 days and get the same shit every time. Took me three days to get a gun blueprint.

It just seems to take too long to get enough stuff to be able to kill the players that already have everything.

I found that it was easy to get the tommy/ revolver blueprint and me and my friend played creatively and tactically and took advantage of our bad guns to get bolts and aks. We still dont have the ak blueprint or bolt, but we’ve got 10 aks and 7 bolts :smiley: