"I love the smell of burning plastic in the morning"


Looks great. Loving these army men pics.

My only query, shouldn’t the dead greens be melted?


Army Men, fuck yeah.

Awesome, great work, love the editing and posing!

Nad Soldiers.

thanks guys


If only these sorts of things could happen.

I’m surprised the Army Men concept never became a cartoon or TV show. Animated violence masked under the pretense that they’re ‘just toys’ is awesome. As is this, very nice work. The melting effect could have been a little nicer, but still nice all the same.

I like it

“Party tiiiiiime”

thanks guys!

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Yeah the melting effect was a first try this time 'round.

If you’re going to continue to make these army toys picture I’d just save em’ up and create a thread for all of them.

Ya think so?

Also, you should add a little bit of shine to the soldiers to give them that added plastic look. It might be tedious depending on the method, but it may be something to think about. For added effect of course.

I could try using a phong

A Phong? What?

Here’s a simple VMT command for uberplastikk!!11

You need a normalmap in the VMT for phong to work, FYI.

"$phong" "1"

“$phongexponent” “20”
“$phongboost” “10”

That probably looks like ohshitlotsofphong but tone it down to your taste.

I really think they should look more like this http://i.imgur.com/uaodo.jpg

But it takes a really long ass time to change the bodygroups for it.

Envmaps do not look like plastic you cranial-conjugal parasite.