"I love these he' gr'nades!" Ellis loading a grenade


Edit work was lighting and making ellis not have cuts and bruises/WaiterStache

He’s in deep shit now…
Nice pose, Ellis looks like he’s in love with the nade!

dead already. great

Lol chill impatient one, only one hour has passed.

And the pic is nicely posed.
I like the faceposing on Ellis :stuck_out_tongue:

Made me lol. Posing is nice, the face pose is convincing, and I like the way you hid his cuts.

I didn’t hide them i removed them with heal tool

Not a fan of the camera angle or the posing on the Tank.

Ellis’ posing is good though.

why don’t you show me better angles then please

Okay I guess.

Elaborate mr dutch guy


Critism time my new and totally unknown friend :smug:
*The camera angle is boring as hell. Its a normal front view and not very interesting. Work on them.
*Ellis is holding a grenade next to his head while a tank is just standing there like a douchebag. Or 2 Words. Dumb Idea. Seriously thats not L4D thats L4R.
*The map is chosen badly because its plain and uninteresting.
*Retarded Faceposing

Things I like:
*Posing on Ellis is okay in my opinion.
The opened greande launcher is cool.

Liebe Grüße
Der Combine

Stop flaming people you’re gonna get banned again


Goddamn, DB. Take some criticism. It’s not flaming when someone dislikes your picture.

I for one thought the posing on Ellis was nice.

The Tank is oddly posed, though. :v: And so is Ellis’s face. Other than that it made me chuckle. :3:

Shrugs and does avatarface