I LOVE this Doctor!


Yes, I know, no AA. Damn my puny Intel Graphics card. Constructive criticism please so I can make future poses better.

That looks very very creepy.

I try my best. :downs:

Medics gon’ get raped.

I knew I should have expected this from Facepunch… :biggrin:

Seriously look at it, Heavy’s hands are on the medics ass and he looks like he’s about to shove the medic’s head in his mouth

I know. I really should have thought about this better…

the horrible graphics, odd pose and medics oversize head makes this crappy and creepy all in one!

Oversized head? What? No inflate tool here, mate. And everything’s on high except for AA. Although it is odd.

Its so bad its good again.

I’d avoid TF2 poses all together if your graphics card doesn’t allow phong and such, because they just look terrible.

here,do this:

And if your computer cant really handle it for long just knock up the graphics up right when your ready to take the screen shot.

Also zooming in is your friend.