"I love this snake!"


COD4 porting

CoD4 Rope and Griggs!

Um… what…?

And big gun is big.

i hope you understood my joke :slight_smile:

Some more editing would make this look hella lotta better
Nice job tho :slight_smile:

he likes them big

it just Ported Griggs and Rope test

hehe :smiley:

Is the rope the snake?

are you gonna release the models and yes J i think it is the rope

I want the Rope :frowning:

Insta-optimistic rating :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the rope tho, might be useful.

He looks like he wants to do something to the rope…

Hmm… Rope… Hmmmm…

ummm… very optimistic.

Good job on the ports, the rope looks great and so does Sgt. Griggs



needs more smoothing though

Looks like he’s gonna take a crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like hes poopin.