"I love you, Susan. I'll love you forever." - The Archangel

A follow up to The Archangel:


This is really good.


poor susan coffey

Thank you.

:ssh: If I think you’re implying what I think you’re implying. In any case :ssh:

It looks to me that Nick has a small head.

artistic for this :slight_smile:

This was done in Garrysmod? Shit, Nice work!

Holy shit. The most original picture I’ve seen in a while, and well done too.

Lighting on the Nick dude could be better though.

and susan still loves you

This ain’t original, it’s just done right.

Ha, I wish. :v:

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In all seriousness, I like the pic a whole lot.
An obvious fresh change from the usual people make here.

Ryu-Gi found her.

Thank you.

It’s what I do… Try to at least.

Originality has been [just about] dead for some time now. Now, it’s all about the presentation.

It’s a nice departure from the myriad of war-oriented pictures that inhabit this forum.

I like it.

Very atmospheric.

oh God i Love this!

Fisher’s ape face with the strong shadows really bothers me.

I wanted to try a ‘head-shop’ that little have seen and even a character little have seen. Left 4 Dead characters were then out of the question (save for Nick since he’s the star) because they’re too familiar and were not really what I was looking for to add. Then I remembered my original concept of the picture where it was to have Sam Fisher mourning his dead daughter (inspired, of course, by Splinter Cell: Conviction) on an autumn afternoon. The character I was looking for had to also be HD (to an extent) and fitting for the role of a ‘fellow archangel’ as he is posing as here.

Reasonings aside, I do see what you mean. His head is oddly shaped (more so since I ‘gave him a hair cut’, if you know what I mean.) and his ape-like features are especially prominent in this picture (thank God I didn’t make his mouth open as if he were talking. It would only have looked worse). But hey, not everyone looks their best on camera; and that’s all a part of normal looking people.

Wait so is there a model with fisher in such a costume? Cause that looks straight up schmexy