"I love you." - Two rebels looking at the citadel.

fuck yeah

male and female btw.

Nice, it’s like the guy is preparing himself for an ultimate ownage at the citadel with that gun in his hand.

I just think you overused blue. And his arm has been melted together with her backpack.

supposed to be night-time bro.

I see, sorry.

It’s fine. No need to say sorry :v:

The shading looks really overdone

the only really noticeable problem I see is the citadel looks very green up-top.

Otherwise I like it.

sky should be much darker if it’s night time

Isolate before you shade.

Looks cool. But their legs look weird to me. I don’t know why.


Maybe a huge amount of energy in the sky of a citadel that is about to explote can light up the things?

It’s very blue and I’m not quite sure where the lighting (when I say lighting I mean its source, its highlights, and its shadows) is coming from (above maybe? Where above? The citadel is in front of them, and the city behind them is presumably in ruins.).

E: What’s up with the green bits up top?

That being said, the posing is spot on and you killed it with the rule of thirds (in a good way).

those shadows are very wrong.

This has been done shittily so many times, but you managed to do a pretty good job with it.

Thanks :3

Looking at it now I can sorta see what you mean. Maybe its the huge ammount of shading I did o.o

Don’t forget about your jpeg_quality sir :science:

Set to 100. :eng101: