I´m tired of this game after a few days

This is a post for devs and admins.
At first time, sotrry for my english.

I´m very tired of this game, i had tried for make my own history… but people in this game is sooo bored. I have passed three days recolecting wood, few stones and trying to rise my experience… but i am tired about people how MICHAEL BLAYNE and others cheaters those are fucking all the people with cheats and murders…

you can make a ¨passive mode¨like gta 5, for make impossible that people who cheat can fuck ¨the good players¨ killing us or breaking our houses…

I can tell you have a nice game, but you have to make other things for not allow to the people is bored with his live and is fucking all players all the time.

I would like a refund,i´m not satisfied with this game, but i think that will be impossible.

have a nice day.

P.D: Start to ban people cheater at one time now.


Join a Non-PVP server firstly.

Try the vicetv purge server. Monday, tuesday, thursday are pve and rest i think are pvp, or something like that.

Look for a community server. Also, keep in mind that you bought an ALPHA game (not even BETA)…

I read this with a very thick, slow and elderly Hungarian accent. Brilliant.

Maybe you should wait a few months and experience the progress the game had after this time
I think most of your issues will be gone in that time

He obviously doesnt know there are not only one type of server.

The Tommy Wiseau of Rust it seems.

Google translate strikes again

and apparently Google translate can’t translate ‘‘Non-PVP server’’ either.

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Just checked I was right

  1. If you don’t like being killed, join a PvE server
  2. They are doing stuff about cheaters, but ultimately it’s VAC and it isn’t an instant system because it has to check certain things before banning to make sure it correctly banned someone
  3. As for you being bored and want a refund, why would you get a refund? Why would you expect it to be a fully “featured” game? It’s in Alpha that means bare bones and basics. You were not promised anything close to a featured game it has it all over the steam store it is early access to the alpha

So either give up and play something else, or take a break and wait until it’s fully released.

i just got bored with it until they open up the full map.

as it is right now it feels like i was tricked into buying what’s going to eventually become a pretty typical FPS with slight crafting elements tacked on.

if they open up the map and throw in a ton of animal ai to slow everyone down, meh… might spend a couple more hours here and there messing with it to see what’s doable. right now, naw. there are other betas and alphas out there with communities that aren’t as narrow minded about things.

you can only knock down so many trees til it starts to feel like work.