i made a crappy song for Rust

So after picking up the game two days ago with some friends, we found we actually really enjoyed it and have put in 15 or so hours the past two days. this is gunna get deep and philosophical

first and foremost here’s the song, NOW BACKSTORY

We were out adventuring in the dark and began discussing a possible back story as to what Rust was. Though I agree the game doesn’t necessarily need a story, we all agreed that an end of the world scenario where heavy rioting happened was pretty sweet.

So as we ran through a forest, we got involved in a heavy fire fight. Bullets came from nowhere and we had hardly any cover apart from the trees and darkness. I’ll skip the rest. But at the end of the fight just two of us remained from the group of 6. We ran up a hill, looking over the sea from the mountain tops, the night sky drifting slowly into day. Our two micro-penises slapping against our thighs in the wind as we bandaged up our near-fatal wounds.

And as the sun slowly rose on the land, my friend starting humming a tune down the mic. We both burst out laughing as it seemed so perfectly fitting in that moment. So I just had to recreate it in FL for the next sunset, it’s really calm, but I think it fits nicely with the sunrise, so yeah. This took me about 30 minutes, so it’s rough as tits. I dunno if I’ll continue it. The speaking at the start is like the rioting thing we all thought about and stuff. Note it’s pretty terrible, but I’m kinda happy with it.

Any else got a song or anything they’ve made? Rust seems so quiet without music