I made a little mission

That DOES NOT involve killing breen in any way, shape, or form. :razz: Instead you actually trying to get the fuck out of the css_office complex before it is blown to smithereens by the combine trying to control the zombie outbreak inside. And you just happen to survive.

P.S. I had no clue where to post this. Might aswell post it here and hope a mod moves it to the right forum.


All the NPCs have their AI disabled. I checked and ai_disabled is 0.

…Which is perfectly fine, just check the box?

Bletotum, if he checks it AI would be disabled, he needs it enabled.

Yea, you were suppose to check the AI box. I just disabled it so you can save all of the shooting and npc’s until you actually begin.

cvars are not saved when you save a game

Whether ai is disabled or not is a cvar

So your saying you cant goto the npc tab and untoggle disable AI?

I’m pretty sure this is a common problem, I once dl’ed a misson like this, and the NPC’s weren’t moving, they didn’t have AI (With/without AI Checked.). But then I downloaded a kill breen mission (I know, they suck) and the AI worked, without a hitch, so I think AI only works on Stock maps, Not 100% sure, might have to ask garry.

I don’t remember A CSS office before, I remember a CS office. When did Counter Strike Super come out?

And theres a couple things wrong with the idea.
First off, the combine don’t give a shit about zombies. They actually caused Ravenholm to be…Ravenholm.

Secondly, CS:S_office (Or CSS:S_office to you) is a real world kind of place…the combine would have made it into some kind of citidel or somthing.

saves suck

haha you are so funny