I made a room with four walls and a window. Tell me what to add.

Hi, mapping section. I’ve lurked around here for a while and always wanted to get into mapping, but I could never come up with anything to map. So I figured what better way to get ideas than by asking for them? So I made this piece of shit:


And I want you guys to tell me what to add. I’ll post updates with my favorite suggestion(s) and eventually, I’ll have a map (hopefully) worth releasing.

So, fire away, Mappunch.

Turn the lights down. Also your wall seems really thin. Obviously needs some furniture.

Explosions as soon as you take one step.

A better plan to start mapping is to design a commercial building as if you’re doing it on sims, posting said building, and perhaps having people help you add to it?

A door.


Also, protip: Standard wall thickness is 8 units

Really? I heard 16

Playboy posters on the wall, and a couch.

16 is more than a source foot thick

It’s a good width for bank vault walls but 8 will usually do

You need a carpet.

A talking pony which likes waffles.

I use 16 for most walls.

Anyway, this looks like a bedroom. Add a bed, a desk, and a carpet.

Better yet, a rug.

16 for outer walls, 8 for interior walls.

4 for walls that separate rooms, 8 for larger dividing building walls, and 16 for outer walls.

an item crate with 3 gunships :v:

Tons of fire, you have to escape the house that’s burning down

No, no, no.
Use 16 for walls period.

No, no, no.
Use 8 for walls period.

(it looks way better)

No, no, no.
Use 0.1 for walls period.


Add a minibar.