I made a silencer, i failed horribly... (Or maybe not)

Hello Rust players, today i made something… It’s horrible :speechless:
I made a silencer prop in like 5 minutes, used glue, a cardboard tube, printed silencer texture and tape.
When i started making it i thought it would be awesome, in reality something like this would be already in the trash can.
P.S Please ignore the first images blankets, had to take the images in a room that had enough light to make nice shadows.
P.P.S You can be a 100% honest about this, since hell, even i call it a little disappointment, but i made this in 5 mins. and for fun

Damn Daniel!

You could have gone and got a Car Oil Filter, it would actually work if you needed it to.

I wouldn’t mind them making an alternative model for a crafted silencer. Crafted ones can be oil filters, and actual, brand-new manufactured silencers can be the looted variants.

Yeah it makes sense to have some low quality upgrades, even plastic bottles full of material for cheap silences that only work 5 times. It would be funny to see an Eoka with an Oil Filter Silencer, a holosight attachment made of bottle glass and an LED, and a Lazer pointer duct taped to the top of the oil filter.

More make-shifty attachments would be cool