I made a txt encryption algorithm. What should I do with it?

I watched some khanacademy videos on the topic of Cryptography yesterday, and that got me interested…
So I coded a basic text file encryption/decryption algorithm in GMOD. It takes a numerical key you input and generates a pseudorandom list of 2 digit numbers from that, which then is used to shift the ASCII values of the input text by the random number. The key can be (AFAIK) an arbitrary length and I’ve encrypted and decrypted text files over 2,000 characters long with it.
I would have done it in javascript or something, but lua is really the only thing I know how to script in.

This is the above paragraph encrypted.

It’s pretty cool and it works fairly well, but the question is what can I do with it? Is there any practical use for text encryption in Garry’s Mod?

Not really, no. I’m sure someone could think of something though.

Maybe sending data between the client and server, making it harder to spoof.