I made a wire thingy to "crack" any keypad by recording the owner.

Hey ! I made a wire thingy. It may be able to guess the code of any keypad.

Here how it works:
Basically, at any moment the game keeps track of where you’re looking at. It may be a wall, someone, the ground, the game constantly checks what “point” you are currently watching. The point has three coordinates, x, y, z, like any other point obviously. It’s called an “aim position” for the un-initiated
The thing is, the wiremod can retrieve the position of anyone’s aim position on the server.

I’m using this to guess the code of any keypad by “recording” its owner when he types his code. I then display the little “path” he described by entering his code and display it with a holo emitter. I also built a giant keypad with props behind the holo emitter to represent the actual keypad, I feel like it makes it easier imagine where the buttons are, and deduce what buttons he typed.

It may be more understandable in the video.
The fact that english is my second language surely doesn’t help.

Beware before clicking: setting it up may be confusing in the video since there are no buttons, it’s all done with your keypad.
Read the description before even watching it. I guarantee you, even the brighter ones didn’t understand it before they read the description.

I can’t find the dupe file on my computer so I uploaded that thing on the workshop:

You cheeky bastard you :3 Very clever!