I made some stuff.. not really anything special.


Small Vtol

Karbine told me to make a small battlesuit… I made a mech… that isn’t small.

AA gun.

Big Vtol.


I like the mech, cause it looks like me.

Lose some weight :buddy:

Make the “connectors” to the VTOL blades bigger, they look like they would snap any second…

That’s one of the sexier mechs I’ve seen.

the humility is refreshing, gibbo. I <3 You.

good work on the vtol :slight_smile: and the mech

I can only express myself in song at this point. I have no words to express how amazed I am.

I like the small VTOL. Personally, I would have just gone all out and made a Hornet from Halo 3, it looks so similar. The big VTOL is too big, it looks like the tail would hang straight down cause it is not balanced about the rotors.

Mech is pretty sexy. You should get a pic of the vtols flying though.