I made the turret ane dispenser...




very nice, i like the war poster theme of it all

also Tuttet :3

Oh sorry… :smiley: turret*

you can edit titles now?


Could have done without the and in the middle, the picture nice though.

I fought the whole enemy team and tried to defend the first point while you sat there whacking your little toys at the last point.

nice picture by the way

I captured the Intel six times in a row winning the round while you stayed building stuff pretending to be busy.

Lovely shading you did there!

the original is better because the text is shit, engineers are a waste of space unless you’re playing ctf, and the awful brightness increase you did fucks the image up so hard

oh hey also let me jsut fucking smudge the AA on his helmet awa-- NO

the addition of the dispenser screen is poorly done 2

I love the shading on the Engineer…Nice man keep it up.

You have my thumbs up, if that means anything. Nice job

This remind me to pay more responsibility for the team as Engineer.

nice filters and rendering

Your are the shittiest of shitposter’s… I am puzzled of why you are a gold member.