I made these guys

thanks for

who made PMC

and me





I see some stretched texture.

yes how to fix that

Fix the uv map.

uv map? what is that?

What exactly did you create on these models?


many things


At most he just re-skinned I think. Simple enough so that he only opened the .vtf and pasted camo patterns on stuff.

you were wrong

i said i made it whole of them


have you seen this model?

I like them, but I won’t be downloading them in their current status because the stretching textures will annoy me greatly when posing.

download it when I fix them :wink: lol

How did you make the whole model if you don’t know what a UV map is?

He hacked them together obviously.

You can see the parts of the COD4 soldier, Kaffis PMC gear, terrorist head and the collar (Although, he might of stretched some planes for that, I’m just guessing it comes with a model somewhere).

Anyway, from my understanding a UV map is a sheet of directory that tells the texture what parts of the texture goes on what part of the model, selected by polyguns.

That’s a guess btw, correct it if its wrong.

They look kinda blind with those eye textures.

Damn, its the crotch. Its stretched, after you fix up the textures release a black guy version? I don’t see why not.