I make any request you want for m-oney

like the tittle says, if you want any player model from any game you want, i make it for m-oney, if you are interested, send me a pm

I have no idea what m-oney is.


Shame on you :open_mouth: I thought you were better than that. Not like S-low!

Oh calm down. Might as well make a living. If he doesn’t get any offers, no harm done. If he does, he gets some cash.

exactly :smiley:

Ya unless you actually made them, instead of stealing them off to sale. :confused:

Nothing personal Predaator, i just don’t think making money off from model we didn’t make is right to do. Sorry.

If you can rip some Alpha Prime dudes i’ll give you 0.1 Zimbabwe dollars.

Haha actually i got one of the alpha prime out, never thought anyone knew about that game.

can you make a avatar Na’vi character? e.g. Neytiri? :smiley:

I will give you the equivalent of .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 Zimbabwean dollars to make one of the people who requests a model in this thread’s request for free.

I know about it, and it’s horrible voice acting

“Me name Paolo, you not whacked-out, Bang Bang, no?”

I get so sick of that…



I also love how the main character can NEVER speak in second person.

But how did you rip a model out of it? Im trying to get the dude that looks like a Cobra Viper so I can skin him into a real one.

i lost faith in you PREDAAATOR. have a box

Ha ya, i can see why it was only 1$… D: it felt almost like hl2 mod.

Uhh yeah, can I see your work by any chance?

how much will this run me for css ct?


hahaa i didnt know you could charge people for this shit… looks like im keeping the 40 something fucking Mechs i ported from MW4: mercenaries to myself lol

Well everything I’ve seen that’s been free or leaked by people that charge (or want to charge in this case) has been kinda crappy compared to others who release their stuff for free all the time. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say: No big loss.

Haha you know what i agree besides the mechs i ripped… are kinda shity [so far ; ) ] there just solid Grey (except for the cockpits) and have uv maps fucked up beyond belief…

P.s i’m to lazy to fix them anyway lol

How much if possible for this ?