I make way to many help threads, *sigh* and I have another problem :(

So, I came across this on garrysmod.org: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=111796
It works, but it still gives me lag spikes. LITTLE tiny ones. Example, a few footsteps LITTLE LAG normal. My ping is fine, applications are closed and my fps is about 25-30
HOWEVER it still lags like that AND lags when I shoot my damn gun. Not so much but smoke comes out and it lags. I just want to play RP normally. With no lag and just perfect.

Try closing unnecessary programs in the background.

Post your specs, your computer is probably shit :v:

Make way, make way! Help thread coming through!

You mean when a sound is played it laggs? This might be caused by a slow cpu + sound files need to be extracted from GCF’s