I may have scewed up, back to noob stage...

I’ve been modeling and decompiling Source guns and working on modern day guns, but then I realized something… I forgot most of the “technical stuff” don’t know what the fuck to do next. Some things I dunno how to do anymore…

-Adding “Arms” (Bones?)World model)
-Animating models
-Compliling .qc and .smd (Found Jaanus’s Tutorial :v:

FPSBanana tends to confuse me and/or is to vauge, so if any of you have any other sites with tutorials, or maybe you have some, please tell me. I will download, I will read, I will watch (Anything that isn’t 7 hours :downs:)

So please. Help.

My post in this thread. Any help? Also have a look around pages 2 and 3 in this section theres alsorts of stuff (though not for animating, i’ve had trouble finding stuff for that myself).

Moar info on animating and bones please.

Thats the problem, I did say. I can’t find anything either, your better off looking for that stuff in tutorials for the modeling program your using then adapt to Source.