I May Need Help

Three times i have build a house only to have it raided just before completion. Sooo much wood has been lost, not to mention the resources lost to the rollback.
I lack metal doors and a safe group to live near/with.
if there’s anyone left out there friendly, please let me in :slight_smile:

I have little resource left but, i will always contribute.

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - postal))

Chop more trees. :v:

Find a better place to build

Nice to see a guy that has won a key. And atleast posting something and playing the game :slight_smile:

welcome to rust! lol

Blueprints are key…Remember that…if you find a research it you protect that motherfucker with your life…Also, If you find a metal door. RESEARCH IT…UNLESS you dont have a research kit then break your wooden door and use that…Also, Refrain from using fires at night. DEAD GIVEAWAY I’m a Raider, but if I see you ingame Ill try to refrain from killing you…Also, Another key is to have multiple doors for security, ESPECIALLY if you have wooden doors…I cant say this enough, but METAL DOORS ARE KEY Enjoy playing, we’ve all been in your position…

-Regards, Blade2697-