I messed up real bad!

I downloaded the fakefactory CM4 models, and i was trying to delete the files and i was deleting the g-man one but i accidentally deleted the actual g-man skin. Now every time i spawn a g-man ragdoll or npc it’s invisible! can any one help me?

It shouldn’t have dissapeared, since when a replacement is deleted it should go back tot he original skin it had before the reskin or replacement.

Garry’s Mod should automatically take it from the GCF

Delete your garrysmod folder and then run garrysmod and it’ll reset everything to original (fixes 99% if garrysmod problems, the other 1% is user error (I consider having a crappy computer being user error cause the user chose to use it) );

Go into your Garry’s Mod GCF and re-extract the g-man model.