I might just be stupid...

But I don’t think so, I’m running into an issue with a dedicated server, where once you take your first 2-3 steps, you end up sinking two jumps worth of distance into the ground.

At this time, I’ve got the following addons:
Simple Prop Protection
Stranded Model Pack

Running Game Mode:
GM Stranded 2.2.1

I’ve gone ahead and nuked/reinstalled the server once, keeping only my admin file, and my startup .cfg files, running sv_downloadurl, hostname, max/min rates etc. Server is ping boosted, as well as running at a 100 tickrate

I’ve also duplicated the error on multiple maps, with multiple players, and solo, as well as on the default sandbox game mode, the only common thread I can find so far is that there is an error with the server I have yet to find, though I’m not quite sure where.

Any other needed information, please feel free to let me know!

Un-pingboost and run at 66 tick.