I miss Garry's Bots.

Once upon a time…

Early last year was the last time I got to play this Robot Wars inspired gamemode. It seems to have died almost completely. :frowning:
The gamemode itself is broken in many ways. I’m currently unable to get it running on gmod. When I last played, the lack of development updates had made it pretty buggy, too.
This is probably bad etiquette… but perhaps someone skilled in the art of lua might rebuild it (or maybe even re-imagine it)?
Is there someone out there who feels they could revive this gamemode? ***

I have nothing to offer in return but my gratitude.

Seems like someone else already has.


Where did you find this? I have spent the last week googling this.

Last result on the first page of google :v:

Next question… how the fuck did I miss that?