I miss hidden bases in the rocks

Finding it hard to hide a base on the new terrain. Miss some of the mountains/craters to hide a small base in. Anyone have any pics of blended in bases in the current version.

I’ve managed to find a few spots lately, But I believe they stated the terrain is going to suck while they experiment and sort things out.

I strongly believe that they want awesome terrain with nooks and crannies too, So have no fear for the future!

there also seems to be an exclusion zone at a certain proximity to rocks, bushes etc preventing us from putting down sleeping bags/foundations:)

I don’t even try to hide my bases anymore. I find it’s better to build big and pack as many walls/doors (and an equal amount of floors to wall layers). Make it so much of a hassle they have to devote half the day getting in and damn near everyone will pass it up for a softer target.

Bases are a nice to have/own. They allow for a place to run and hide from legit players, but not from hackers. The idea of having hidden bases was to protect against the hacker who does not spend the time to check every little crevasse. THe hacker is only there briefly for the thrill not the time consuming adventure. To overcome the time factor they devise a hack that reveals all the loot.

Make it harder for the hacker.
I suggest that there be NO names on the loot you stash in bushes and crevasses assuming we get more secret places. If you don’t remember where EXACTLY the loot is then too bad. Perhaps not identifying the loot with names will prevent the hackers from locating it and allow us to use our bases for game play strategy rather than fortified storage bins. This is what they did way back in the day, buried some treasure and concealed a map of its location.

Over and above the hacker issue, I agree with the OP. I miss the varied environment, and even created a “bland maps” thread.

I know they removed the decor rocks for performance and aesthetic reasons, and are working on putting them back, but in a way to “Operation: Unsuck the environment.” as they call it on Trello.

There was another update as well, a painted version of what one of the team thinks the environment could or should look like. I recommend looking at the link. It will give you hope and help you remember why we play and love Rust.

I was just telling an old Rust friend how I missed having so many cool places to hide your base like legacy did. Between rocks, up hills, between hills, so many cool places. In time tho we will get better terrain.

Actually, this worked the opposite in Legacy. Hiding bases was to protect yourself form the legit players. Because the client got so much info from the server, hackers could have ESP hacks that let them see your base and stuff, no matter how well hidden. Huge PITA and much harder to identify and prove than speed, fly, and aimbot hacks.

I miss them too. The open planes are quite boring.

Well if there’s one thing Rust has no shortage of these days it’s concept art. …

Then I see some of the ridiculous high-end shit people are putting up as unity terrains, textures and modules, and it inspires mixed feelings. On the one hand, the fact that a year+ in we’re trial-and-error testing another fundamental overhaul of the building system on laggy barren landscapes is enough to make even long-time players a little… pessimistic. On the other hand, assets are out there and Facepunch has a giant stack of liquid capital.

I guess we’ll see.

When exp launched I remember seeing a few caves, did they remove them?

I found one a couple weeks ago. They are just hard to find.

Wouldn’t it be neat if FP actually tried to get rid of the rampant hacking instead of adding trivial shit? The hacking is the reason the player base dropped from 2 million to 20 thousand. Also for the idiots that say that every online game has hacking, they are don’t know what they are talking about. There are plenty of games with no hacking. It doesn’t really matter anyway, the game is pretty much dead anyway. 2+ years in alpha and it’s actually a worse, less playable game than when it was released. People don’t have patience for that shit. Honestly the game died when the AOE instadeath hack came out and FP decided it was time to make the moon look prettier.

Every game has hackers/script kiddies. Its all about the “Hackability” of the game. Rust is an easy target for hackers because the penalty for getting banned isn’t that severe. You can get copies of Rust for super super cheap ($11.99 or even less on some websites). Also with the family share through steam, as long as you don’t get VAC banned, you can keep playing on another steam account. The second point being that ALL online games have hackers. Full retail $50-60 games have hackers as well, but the penalty is a lot more costly if you get banned so there are fewer of them.

Well excuse them for thinking that fleshing out the actual game while its early in development is more important than early security. If they devoted all of their resources to stopping “hacks”, they would still be as big of an issue what with how “hack” writers constantly update to circumvent security. And then we’d have people bitching about how zero progress has been made outside of an ultimately failed and pointless attempt to stamp out “hacks” early in the games life.