I Miss the 4 k maps on official servers

I prefer to play on official servers but I really miss the 4k maps, the current map I am on feels so small
When I stand at the satellite dish I can see the airfield and the factory very easily because they are so close and it only takes a few seconds to get from one to the other

Noobs are building in front of huge houses and then complaining that they are been attacked because they are building too close to others, then they leave the server
I think this standard 3k map business is not the best idea

Even on a moderately busy server everyone is living up each other’s back end and it’s all gone a little crazy

Just my opinion you understand

whats your opinion so far ?

3k Maps are great if you are pvp action orientated player who is seeking for player interaction or pvp in generall.

while 4k Maps where a lot bigger and quiter you could sometimes walk a far way without seeing anyone even if the server is good populated, which wasnt a bad thing. People could easily establish in their zone and dont have to build next to 20 other bases.

In my oppinion we should have both map types since both of these are fairly enjoyable.

But in the end its the developers decision Stability > Big Map

Now the 3k official servers have bigger laggs then it was 4k… and yes the PVP is better but less raids… and much people prefer the raid pvp than this…

less raids? I dont know where you been playing :what:

Suggestion: Get your own server, make it 4k, raid everybody, every day.

Suggestion: make Offcial map 3k and 4k versions and everything is great again.

Thats also alright, I doubt they will do that anytime soon. I just think that people come here and complain about weird things, things they often has no idea about, other than they miss it or want it.

But thats just me. :slight_smile:

Reminder that the devs changed the default map size to 3K to test something. What it is, I’m not aware that they specifically said, but they don’t need to (and knowing could influence the outcome).

People leaving feedback that 3K is too small is fine, but it’s not like they did this just because they hate you guys and want to see you weep.

I dont name it raid when somebody shooting my wooden walls with bow. And i cant upgrade it to stone cause everywhere i go for mining someone is camping with bolt… and i prefer the c4 and rocket raids… not the bow raids.