I miss the explosions.... (another help tag)

Okay, where in the garrysmod directory are the stock sound files responsible for the explosion sounds generated by the exploding barrels, and what are they named? I seem to have deleted mine and now i am sad. the sound of the barrell breaking apart is still present, just not the actual explosion. This is the same explosion sound used for about a million other things in the game, so i would like to have it back please. Thank you all for your time.

Verify files in Garry’s Mod


Do this, except with Garry’s Mod and not Audiosurf

what are you talking about?

right click your hl2 games. go to properties, local files.

you’ll find it there


that or reinstall.

He gave you a link. Maybe you should click it because it can probably help you.



didnt work at all. no change. If you can just tell me the file names for the sounds responsible for the stock explosions, i can find them somewhere online or rip them from my HL 2 directory. All i need is the name of the files and the folder to put them in.


ok i did some more research, the sound files are explode3 explode4 and explode5 and theyre all .wav files, and i have them, but they are not playing. is there some kind of problem with the file responsible for playing them? how do i fix it? am i even right?

I had this same problem… I backed up my addons, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. It’s that simple.

your definition of the word simple seems to be different than mine…


Uninstall, Reinstall.

Double click the Steam icon on your desktop.
Place your mouse cursor (not the physical mouse, the onscreen arrow) on Garry’s Mod. While keeping the mouse steady and in place, press the right-most button on the top of your mouse. Now, guide the onscreen mouse pointer to the “Delete local content” button. Press the left-most button on your mouse.
A new window will appear. Don’t be alarmed! Guide your mouse pointer to the “Delete” button. After a few seconds, Garry’s Mod will be deleted.
To get Garry’s Mod back, find it in your Steam games list (using the mouse pointer to navigate the scrollbar if necessary) and guide the mouse pointer to it. Keeping the mouse steady, press the left-most button on your mouse twice in rapid succession.
A new window will appear. Guide your mouse pointer to the “Next” button and left-click it. Do the same for the next screen.
And voila! a simple way to reinstall Garry’s Mod.

[/smartass]Maybe do a little research next time.

Alright. i get it. MY bad trying to be a smartaleck on Facepunch. I oughta know better by now, i guess.