I Move

This is the younger brother of the I Walk, I Walk Download!, a walking base for and robot/mech/droid/walker you wanna make. This version has the added bonus of brief bursts of flight.

You should adjust the variables on the chip to suit the server you usually play on, instructions are stored on the chip.

I have included the chip its self so you can use it on a bigger or smaller version as you please, if you wish to do so, observe how the I Walk is constructed. It should be possible to use the chip without adjusting any thing more than the ten indicated variables.


If used please give credit where due.


  • Latest Wire (SVN Preferably)
  • Latest PHX3 (SVN Preferably)

Side notes:


how is this any better than setsze’s bipedal walking chip?


Im pretty sure that he didnt say it was better. Its just something he has released for everyone to use. Nice work though im going to play around with this today.

Whats next? I fart?

I’m not saying he said his was better. I’m asking why I should thing about downloading something that is inferior to setsze’s bipedal walking chip? You can play around with something that is inferior if you want. I would rather stick to something that works better. I prefer to stick with the better of the two methods when it comes to walking robots.

Um, different applications? A mech may be a robot, but a robot isn’t necessarily a mech.

Mech = robot
Robot /= mech

I know this.

I’m saying, why should I choose an inferior method of walking when a superior method is already present?

I wish you guys would understand that.

Are you fucking serious?

i dont like its walking - it takes 1 step pauses takes another pauses takes another etc.

The pause can be removed by altering the delay setting and Cantido, why you be hating? T_T. anyways, I’m gonna look into this other one you mentioned, as far as I knew there wasn’t any released walking chips, and I wasn’t trying to compeat, I was just playing with it on a server and a bunch of people wanted to use it in their stuff, so I released it (the I Walk that is, this was just an improvement on that). Also I would like to point out the the dup is the main attraction here.

Edit: Just checked the wiremod thread and one person has mentioned the same chip Cantido did in a negative fashion compared with mine, so I guess it’s really just down to personal prefferance


We honestly don’t give a shit what you choose, if you don’t want to use this one and would rather use his, then by all means, do it. But don’t come in here and shoot him down by saying it’s inferior to his and you will not use it. We don’t care.

Thank you for the constructive criticism, always welcome as opposed to just plain bashing something’s flaws. This is the final version (for now) as it does what I set out to make it do, walk around. I never wanted to over-complicate this which I feel it is now to a certain extent.

The stages thing allows for separate set-up, manual movement, placement and settling of the foot. As for the point at a fixed heading thing, the idea is that anyone who has a good comprehension of wire should be able to tap into it to make the bot auto-navigate, for instance, I’m working on making it into a fully automatic tiberum harvester with the wtiberium add-on, so I can use that to make it look straight at its destination. The jump-jet feature was actually only added to jump off of ledges, but it does get it up to them as well as across some gaps.

Make I Sex next :banjo:

In my mind your the authority when it comes to bipedal chips. I’ve seen your chip everywhere. I’m not saying the I Walk doesn’t work, I just already have my favorite.

And thats fine, there was just no need to be so negative. Happy thoughts dude ^^

I was responding to setsze.

these things are great for robot RP, no more mindless segways goin in the halls!

Reading dates would’ve been nice