"I murdered your Toys as well" Spy doing what he can do best


So a red spy took blu intel from red base and killed a blu engi who built red buildings? what.

Is that a Goddamn big-ass clipping right there?

It’s okay apart from many mistakes.


The briefcase clips with the spy’s chest, the red base had blu intel and a blu engi who was using a red sentry, and the smoke looks unrealistic

Talk about not paying attention to details. At all.

Apart from a few detail problems, I like it. Spy looks like he’s going to work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I posing is ok but the chest seems weird and of course these many mistakes.

Omg wasnt paying attention to the colors. Sorry guys.
Let this die.

doesn’t make sense to me at all

I liked the idea. But you just completely fucked it up.

Red base? Blu intel? Red scrap metal? Blu Engie?

They don’t match up :l

It’s overall bad. The gibs don’t match the engie color nor does the base. And there’s no explosion on the gibs or blood on the engie.

Oh god stop bumping this I know I fucked up the colors.

Look at it this way.
Spy got intel from blu base, Spy found blu engi destroying the sentry, The spy is going to the table (Or something).

Oh hey, you’re using my spy smug picture.

Haha wow

I’m assuming that the RED Spy was returning to RED base with BLU intel when he came across the BLU engie who had somehow destroyed some RED buildings. After he kills him he poses for no reason.

Picture deleted
Stop bumping

Instead of asking people to stop posting, simply PM a mod to lock it

Picture brought back because OP can’t take criticism.

I can take critism but you are basically saying that the colours fucked up for the tenth time.
I feel ashamed.