I need a beanbag model

Does anyone have/can anyone make a beanbag prop? It doesn’t need to have physics where it can flop around.

Hell, that doesn’t sound too hard. Just make a subdivided cube or sphere, toss a leather texture on it, morph, port, done.

I’m too lazy to do something like that tonight though.

I don’t model, and yeah, I was just thinking someone could whip this up in a few minutes

Bumb, I’m sure someone could do this quick, right?


I couldn’t get the low poly to scream out ‘Beanbag!’ , but here you go. The size may be slightly off, PM me if it is and I’ll tweak it to your liking.

Edit: Now that I look at it again, it really does look like poop :v:

I ment the throwing kind, not the chair DX

Should’ve been more specific, sorry.



Alright sure, no idea if I have time tomorrow but I’ll get it done as soon as I can.

Someone else saw the thread and is doing it already, thanks anyways, and sorry about confusing you