I need a beginner map idea.


I need an idea that won’t be too hard for someone with minimal mapping experience.

Here’s what I can do

I can do lights!
I can do displacements!
I can do other basic things that most noobs overlook!
I CAN’T do custom textures…

Can ya help me here?

PS: A building map idea is okay, but I kinda want to do something original.

Maybe try making a short atmospheric horror map.

Thanks, darkness is the easiest to make anyways! One question, what kind of horror, like Deadspace horror, or psychological horror like Amnesia?

make a desert wasteland

Psychological is more of a challenge, so if you want to do something difficult, try it.

Make an island with 1-2 buildings.

Dear lord, just tried the atmospheric horror map, tried to wrap my head around how I’ll start, started and failed terribly.

Well, you should do what most people around here do. Don’t touch hammer yet. Grab a pen and paper, and just draw. Doodle ideas, layouts. Anything that gives you a basic plan for the map. Maybe you want a sound to play when you enter a room? Maybe you want a toilet that Kleiner pops out from? It’s really up to you. You’re limited by your imagination. Once you’ve got ideas, try making a basic, blocky layout in hammer. Use the dev textures, it’s what they’re there for. Plan it out, what goes where? Once you’ve got that sorted, you can texture it, light it, things like that.

Thanks, I’ll probably just keep making Portal 2 maps for the time being.

Make some sample maps for practice, all novices should do that.

Did you read the thread? I’ve already made tons of sample maps! I just need some good ideas.


Play a game.

Watch a movie.

Eat pizza.

it’s best to draw out the designs first before jumping into hammer.