I need a bit of help, and don't really know where to turn.

Okay, I’m new to this website. And a kinda new to Gmod.

I have recently started doing little texture mods, changing the textures and whatnot. But i’m still new to it and I’d like to know how to make a “new” item for Gmod… not exactly ‘new’ per se, but just a duplicate of the valve item.
aka; I dont want to just replace the valve texture, i want to make my own item with my texture, so i can use both the valve object texture texture on say… a cactus and my modded texture on a copy of the cactus. I know this is possible,
but i’m just unsure on how to do it, and i’ve spent hours looking for a tutorial but im sure its common knowledge and im just being dumb.

Also, one more question; I heard a while back that there was a program that let you assign different textures to different items, toggling them in game… but i forget what the program is called or where to find it.

If anyone could help me out you have my super thanks and hugs and cake.

What exactly do you mean by items? If you mean props then you need to go to the modeling section, and ask about hexing.

you’ll need to change the model’s name and which VMT files it looks up.

it’s a process commonly called hexing, which you can greatly simplify using this tool


Wow thank you very much. This will really come in handy!


Yeah, im not to sure how to use that program, i tried doing the extremely vague directions that that op posted, but it honestly gets me nowhere. he isn’t specific at all. is there a tutorial out for this?

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I’m not totally sure that program is what i need, im not even sure how to use it, its frustratingly vague for someone like me who’s trying to learn. I’d like a bit of help.

you need to do what fire god said and ask in the modelling section. In mapping we handle brush and entity work, with textures only if it is to be applied to a face.

So you also deal with facepaint?

Brush face ._.

Brush face with paint V:v:V