I need a bit of help hexing.

Like the title says. I need help hexing. I reskined a model and want to keep both the original AND the reskind as sepret models. I would like to know what to do now. I am really confused. I read conesta’s (did i spell the name right?) tut on hexing but it ended up replacing the old model. Also I would like to do this myself.

Firstly: You need a HEX Editor. As you’ve tried a tut already, I’ll assume you have one.

Secondly: You need to duplicate all the model files (ie not just the .mdl). I find it easier to just duplicate the folder they’re in, and rename the folder. You can rename the model files as well if you want. Remember in both cases to keep the number of characters consistent. Do the same with the materials.

Thirdly: HEX Edit the model. Can’t remember which particular bits you need to change, but the first bit will be at the very beginning and have the directory/name of the original model; change it to the new name/directory. The second bit is, as memory serves, changing the materials directory, but I’m not sure where that would be in the file. Run a search for it, I guess.

Fourthly: Nah, that should be it. Have fun.

Ok did the 1st and 2nd part. I “hexed” the .mdl file but never did anything to the mats directory.(the tut never said anything about it)


ok so change the directory name…got it


ok so. the directories or like this (this is without them being changed)

models/mapmodels/ (this is were .mld files and such are)
materiels/models/mapmodels/flags/ (this is were .vtf and .vtm are)


what do i change?