I need a bit of help

Im making a map for gmod that is for a specific addon. I have already created everything that i needed, but i cannot find the entity that is in the addon with hammer. I can only find the half life 2 models. I wanted to try spawning it through a button to a specific area with lua code instead but im not that great with coding. Can somebody please help?

Place any entity down and just change its classname to the classname of the entity from your add-on. It will show up as

in Hammer, but it should work in-game once it’s spawned.

THANK YOU! Finally. I feel like a real dumbass now. I can’t believe it was that simple. I’ve spent nearly a week trying to get that to work flipping nearly every file on my hard drive upside down trying to place it in hammer. I even found a program that extracts the .gma files that are the addons i’ve downloaded and converted them into .mdl files hoping that would work. Thank you so much!