i need a camo

hi guys,
I was wondering very much these bf3 camoflages textures so pls anyone make a 2048x2048 version
thanks hope you understand

You’re a bit too vague, if it’s for BF3 stuff, then I do believe that the game generates the texture through tiles, luxox18 has posted a tutorial here already about texturing using the frostbite engine, if it’s for something else, then you need to be a bit more specific, which one of those listed are you after, does it have to be seamless etc??
What about trying to make then yourself?? All you need is photoshop or Gimp (free) and lots of time using google

Are you requesting the camo patterns or the textures w/camos of each player model? if it´s the second thing, you´re waaayyyyy too lazy, the game generates the textures and combine them with the game´s camo patterns, so you have to do this on your own with photoshop or something else.

If are the camo patterns, then, nobody ATM could extract ALL the camo patterns from the game, so, you have to search for similar camo patterns around the internet. try deviantart.

I bet you can’t find, for example, Tactical Camo (Premium Camo 2) or A-TACS in internets. And Google will not help ya. :v:
Same as Russian SPECACT.

this is the most closest thing that i could find to the A-TACS

Also, the russian SPECACT textures are composed of many camo patterns, some you can find them with other name in camos forums. Anyway, I already made them.

That’s the problem - there’s no good, with decent quality, and usable A-TACS pattern for skinning.
Or i’m helluva blind and i can’t find it.

here you said good quality


Even ATACS-FG http://www.a-tacs.com/random//atacs-fg.jpg
ATACS-AU http://www.a-tacs.com/random//atacs.jpg
ATACS-LE http://www.a-tacs.com/random//atacs_le_bkgrnd.jpg

http://www.a-tacs.com/blog/2011/11/15/introducing-a-tacs-fg-camo/ from this site

i can’t find around these textures… so i need it hope you know where these textures

The berkut camo is in the MoHW camos pattern (copy-paste from BF3)
The Army Green is not a camo, is just a color for the texture.
The Woodland Oak camo is just a pain in the ass but, the most closest thing that i found is this:

The Jungle Pattern , well, the US side is just easy to find on google but, the ruskie variante (Flora Autumn) is difficult, good luck!

There was a massive thread for camos a while back.


This might help.

Salva already posted that link