I need a cider gamemode withe TheDanishMaster's cars i will pay alot for it

I need a ciderRP gamemode with TheDanishMaster’s cars (you can find them in garrysmod.org) in it and the map to be Rp_evocity_v2d if you know FearlessRp, i want somthing similar to that with suits and stuff like them but i also need someone to put it into the server hosting thing and make it work. like Xenonservers.com i am willing to pay alot for it but i also need to try it out to see if i like it. Thanks :slight_smile: add me on steam [FL:RP] XxviperxX

step 1: get cider 2 or cider
step 2: download the cars addon
step 3: extract the file and put the files accordingly in your server’s files
spawn the cars from the menu… OR
step 4: edit the cider 2 gamemode or cider gamemode to have the cars in it