I need a co-mapper

I am working on a office themed map for Havoc Gamers OfficeRP. I need to finish up a map in a few days and I can’t do it on my own. I am wondering if anyone is willing to help me finish up. Any one who helps in any way will absolutely get all the credit they deserve. Unfortunately I can’t offer more than that as I am doing this a a favor.

Now for the map. I have maybe 1/3 complete. It is based on the Counter-Strike: Source cs_office. If you want to help please get acquainted with the architecture and style of the map. Design is not complete so when I get volunteers I will have a design session to avoid confusion.

Screens ( from Hammer):




Reply or PM if you want to help. I need atleast one good mapper by 6:00 gmt -5.00

puts up hand

What exactly do you want doing?

Also in your 3D views, press Camera and then select “Shaded textured polygons” It helps A LOT when making maps.

calls on ZapDing

I need someone to do half of everything. Just someone that can maybe make one complete part so I don’t have to worry about it. Possibly just make a prefab that I can place in the map and have done with no problems.

Also thanks for the tip. It looks must better shaded.

dude im the mapper who you need :smiley: im a good mapper and i know what i must to do

pls visit my site :smiley: thx http://sspm.jimdo.com/


but we got a little problehm im from german so i can understand a little what you say :smiley:


Just give them this. It has a basement, extended garage, working elevators, and sexy textures.

I’ll take it up, I’ll need something to do between this project I might be starting.

You should have gotten my PM but I will reply here to let you know I sent one.

Also @Natalya I can’t just give someone else’s map away because its not mine and because they have seen parts of what I am making.

Cough cough

and what do you mean whit gm_secred_world_v1 i have closed it because my vmf date was crashed so ??


oh and before i fogat this gm_secred_world_v1 was my first map and it was in 26th December 2009
so pls shut up whit this im only a betta mapper now :smiley:

Oh god. This map.

Well for a start, nodraw was used about as much as props, not much at all. That took about 30mins to rectify.

Secondly, Half the map looks off-grid, whats up with that? I mean that’s gunna take at least 2 hours to rectify, placement of the props - another 2~3 hours, the decals, that will take another 30mins~1hour, You’re lucky if you could get this map finished in a week. whens the deadline?


Also quick question:
Did you use carve?

And when you’re using clip, For the love of fucking god deselect the areas you’ve already clipped, it reduces the brushes used by about %65

Ok, Just putting this out there again, people are being a bit over zealous about nodraw, it really doesn’t do much for optimization, there are a few rare occasions where it is beneficial and I shall list them shortly.
Using nodraw on every unseen face won’t warm your map, but it won’t improve framerate drastically. Why? Well VBsp removes every face touching the void or completely covered by another world brush, meaning practically every face you’ve nodrawn, assuming you build your map sensibly. There are a few notable places nodraw will actually do something for you:
On brushes underneath displacements: The player will never see them, but VBsp doesn’t know that.
On entities
On brushes entirely covered by large props
On rooftops the player will never access
Back of things in the skybox

Of these, probably only the first one will save you any noticeable frame rate (assuming you have lots of displacements with brushes underneath them).

I make everything nodraw out of habit.

I don’t see the point of texturing something in dev textures then re-doing it completely.

I understand that metallics, but it’s mainly to reduce the Filesize

The filesize of what precisely?
I suggest you reread my explanation.

well, if you make your map with dev textures, then texture the map with the right textures and just hit replace all devs with nodraw you solve that problem, it’s the same as doing everything with nodraw from start, its just that it’s easier on the eye to see how stuff looks when they are in dev instead of nodraw.

Somewhat down to personal preference I have to say.

Indeed, I start with nodraw, then dev texture faces players will see to get measurements correct, then replace dev textures with real textures at the end.

You’re doing more work than you need to.

Ultimately, it’s your workflow, and nobody can tell you you’re wrong, but Metallics IS right; faces that are touching other faces are culled.

I am still accepting help. I currently have bdbthekiller helping me. ZapDing said he would help but hasn’t responded so anyone is still welcome to help just show me some of your work.

Unfortunately, the thread was derailed and turned into a debate of mapping style.

After a while you learn the measurements.

Wall height is a piece of piss, then you learn desk height and shit, room sizes etc.