I need a Combine Elite model with a human head. (male_02 if possible)

I need a Combine Elite model with a human head (male_02) for a … thing. Not going to say anything more about it until I release the intro.

Oh and I will need it as soon as possible.

Edited the time (changed from vista to win7 - no more fps lag - can record).

Why post it now if you need it in one year and 5 months?

that’s how long it’ll take for this request to be fulfilled

You do know That

Combine Guard:Humans and Machine
Elite:Not Human

theres a shitload of combine models with head hacks on garrysmod.org and fpsbanana.com

Combine Guards and Soldiers are both “transhumans”. Neither are human. Elites are just changed even further.

The Combine elites got one eye.
They were some sort of alien race last time I checked.

They’re human (technically). Combine Soldiers can volunteer to become Elites and they’re changed even more. Also, it’s not confirmed what they look like outside of their suits.

The Overwatch Elite has had several predecessors during the development of Half-Life 2, such as the Combine Synth Elite Soldier and the Combine Super Soldier, both early elite Combine units dropped in favor to a more humanoid model. It also inherited its helmet from the Combine Assassin.[1] When viewing the Overwatch Elite model in the Source SDK model viewer, its preview image is an image of the Combine Super Soldier. The model and its related files are also named “Combine_Super_Soldier”.

To keep it short, in most scenes he will be without his helmet. With the helm (the regular model) - only in undercover scenes.

Seattlegluepiss, that’s the point. Sadly.

Also, got links to the models Ikhrizl? I couldn’t find any (I’m bad at looking for stuff in garrysmod.org and didn’t see any in fpsbanana).

Edit: I lold at my post count. No-one will take me seriously, I think.

That’s just stupid. Especially considering they make human sounds.

Also maybe the naked combine head could be hacked onto the elite?

Yeah and the humanoids in mass effect surely does not make human sounds.

You mean humen sounds, respect John Freeman! 8D

“Overwatch Elites are equipped with improved body armor, made apparent by the larger neck guard and the increased protection it offers. Their helmets are also drastically different from those of regular soldiers, which possibly improve senses, indicated by the two miniature domes located where the ears of the soldier would be. Given its helmet, the Elite may have only one eye left, changed with surgery, making it an artificial cyclops.”

Just to finish this stupid debate so someone can actually do this guy’s request. I got this off the Combine Overwiki and they’re a pretty reliable source of information. THis is from the Elite’s article and it clearly says that the Elite’s are altered Humans.

As said before, “To keep it short, in most scenes he will be without his helmet. With the helm (the regular model) - only in undercover scenes.”


Derailed much?

the combine soldier and elites looks like pillows with guns

… I sorta knew this would happen and noone will help me for a year…

Well, you don’t need it for a year now do you? So it’s kind of waste of somebody else’s time.

I still have to facepose etc. . I just can’t record for that long. Well… I can, but on 15-25 fps on 480p.

Without the model I’ll have to remake the script, what I don’t want to do.