I NEED a darkrp develpoer

Hey im looking for a darkrp develpoer can someone plz help me my steam name is legitgummybear13 my skype is legitgummybear15 plz someone get back to me i need someone to make the server and i will give you owner (i need to be owner as well) and 50% of the money i get plz help

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that dosent help i have to pay

This has to be a gimmick.


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i just need someone to make a darkrp server for me

Anybody that can actually develop a server wont usually do it for free. :jawdrop:

but i said ill give them 50% of the profit i make on the server and ill make them owner

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so they are getting payed

You’d be really lucky to find a developer who would be willing to work for you on those terms. Programmers aren’t cheap.

EDIT: And just 50%? Lol, they’d be doing 90% of the work.

i thought it would be easy i dont do it cuz i dont have the time

Depends, if you just want some customization to DarkRP like jobs or something then someone could pull it off within a hour or two but if you are having all sorts of ideas of banking systems, gang warfare, custom skins and models and so on then you are looking towards the freelance programmers which are quite costly.

Also if i may ask, why do you wish to start a DarkRP server (out of all RP gamemodes) while having zero knowledge of coding. Hell, even earning money through DarkRP will get you near nothing because there are always better servers who would offer it for free

and if i get payed alot if i get payed 1000 im not going to give them 90% ill give them 50% most of the developers ik charge 20$ so they would be getting 480 extra so… they so 90% they get payed alot:mindblown::jawdrop::idiotcull:

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i do know coding ts just i cant get steam cmd my pc wont let me and i pick darkrp because i like that gamemode alot and ik there are servers for free but that is there is donators?

You want to run a server… but you don’t have time?..

This has to be a joke.

If you can’t even do basic jobs, I doubt you’ll be able to run a server.

  1. You need to buy a server host.
  2. Your server will be pushed to the bottom
  3. It doesn’t take a day to develop a server
  4. NO developer will do it for free.

This is either a joke or you have no idea how GMod works.