I need a developer for a CityRP Server.

Im looking for a developer for my new CityRP server, its almost released to the public, but I need some minor help with a website and setting up some scripts. I dont have any money to provide to you so I dont think anyone is interested but it’s worth a try.

Contact me: Reply here or/

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/adguy/

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Better deal: I whack your balls with a paddle for $5


Effectively what you get with a CityRP server.
Why can people just not develop new gamemodes?

They do, but the server browser is so shit they never get seen.

I don’t think that’s entirely true. I see a lot of people blame the server browser for that, and it seems a bit meh
Look at werewolf gaming for example. Their most successful servers are on their own in categories with almost no custom code.

While I give props to people who do make great servers, really I think your EQ is more important than your IQ when it comes to running a good community

What would I know though. I’m just dropping my two-cents.

Says the guy that had to make four 255 player servers for his ‘custom’ RP gamemode

Lmao what

I literally can’t stop laughing lmao

General discussion. Not for help or support. Or advertising your server host.

well that just opened a can of worms

Yes - you can spoof players, and it totally works - but I’m not talking about that.
I’m just saying that people find it too easy to blame the server browser.

I don’t get the custom gamemode bit. We don’t claim to be custom? It seems like you’re just trying to fire shots and getting a bit too excited while doing it.

you bring the spoofing up a lot so let me try to remedy that for you:
i am very sorry for the player spoofing. while it is deeply, personally offensive to the justice warriors like youself - please find it in yourself to forgive me. lets make the internet a better place yesyesyes

Cridentdoes not host Werewolf actually.

I was talking about how you were in your own category and you had to spoof players for people to even see your server.

lmao how dumb are u

Also, plz don’t advertise your garbage servers

sorry garbage is a strong word, I meant recycled-

then why make the custom bit up

also stop with the hate, iyak na ko

I said custom because if you’re not on the darkrp category you should be custom.
if you where too autistic to not change your gamemode from darkrp but change the name then that wasn’t my problem lmao

at least i can use the right *were *ayy
autistics are the master race yesyesyes

Let’s pretend you matter, and let’s pretend I care, so now what? It happened, and you just don’t want to stop talking about it? How can I help you overcome this?

Please stop, both of you.

this thread is essentially the reason i don’t trust banks,

you are about 4 years late to the party