I need a fileio library :V

I tried using the one Alex Grist made, but apparently writing the file does nothing at all.

You could use my old HSP module, it has a bunch of file functions (See the bottom of main.cpp)


You could use gm_io.
It’s a minimal module that exposes source’s filesystem to lua.


I use hio.


Example of the reason why I use it.
hIO.Remove(“data\AntiCheat\” … fsid … “\img1.txt”)
hIO.Remove(“data\AntiCheat\” … fsid … “\img1.jpeg”)
hIO.Rename(“data\AntiCheat\” … fsid … “\img1.txt”, “data\AntiCheat\” … fsid … “\img1.jpeg”)

That’s the same reason I have to use the fileio for xD

That anticheat is for taking screenshots of other people right?

I take screenshots of everyone. If your detected a copy is sent to a separate directory.

Could you hand me a function reference for hIO?