I need a free 16 slot...

Yeah… I need a free 16 slot server, if anybody has room for a 16 slot that would be awesome, Just going to run some crappy map on a roleplay gamemode.
If you want to advertise in the server name or MOTD etc you can do so.

I will be able to, I want admin on it, and i want you to populate it within a couple weeks.

okay that works. Aslong as you understand I am the creator of the server.

10£ says its a shitty listen server.

Ill PM you my paypal you can send it there.

Ok, I just need to setup FTP for it, it has wiremod SVN and PHX SVN installed on it atm, but i can reinstall it if you want.

oh okay then nevermind…

lol. its not a listen server. Its located in luxembourg, i get about 40MS ping from UK to it, its on a 100/100 connection.

Oh nice, I thought you were accepting the 10 pounds saying it was a listen server.

I have FTP working, shall i reinstall the server? What is your steam name?

jamespuckett on steam

I added you on steam about a hour ago

Up and working great, thanks alot usocrazy!


I think you owe him 10 pounds.


Now to remember my Linux and FTP skillz

He sure does :smiley: