I need a game recorder

I want to record gameplay in gmod. I don’t like using fraps because it is slow, and the watermark is on the top of the screen, plus I don’t want to spend 30 dollars for a game recorder. Does anyone have any other good, free game recorders?

Source Recorder. Its Free. and provides the best quality, and no watermark.

[sp]and you already have it installed[/sp]

WeGame records in an okay quality. http://www.wegame.com/

If fraps is too slow it’s probably because it’s the trial version. The full version is much faster.

If you also record to an external HDD/Partition, Fraps gets better fps when recording.

*But you can ONLY put it on WeGame

Full version of fraps is the best if you have a good-to-high end PC, otherwise you should start using Source recorder.