I need a GMod coder

Hello all fellow Facepunch member!
I have been looking for a server coder for a while now and my server has DarkRP installed but I need a coder to code my custom printers,weapons,Models,jobs and more if you can please help please reply down below :smiley:


I don’t think anyone would be willing to do this for free, and you would probably have more luck asking in here.

  1. Custom printers are something that, unless you are totally moronic (or totally new), you can do yourself. I have absoluteley 0 lua skills, but I can make printers easly. It’s just copy-pasting the printer folder and editing the money value.

Hint: DarkRP > Entities > Entities

  1. Coders don’t make models. You would need a moddeler for that.

  2. If you can’t code a DarkRP job, for which there is a detailed TUTORIAL in the shared.lua file AND several DarkRP Job Makers out there, then you really shouldn’t host a server.

Firm, but fair. You should take the time to learn at least how to make jobs, because it will literally take you no more than 5 minutes to learn it.

I do know how to install models and do jobs actually but sometimes I don’t have the time…
Also as in Custom printer it is not the price I want changed it is the model and the name.
So stop making instant conclusions if you don’t know the story maybe you should look into it and talk to me personally about that.

Lol you care what people on the internet think about you. I don’t need to make a conclusion, you just laid it all out for us to see.

Okay so, this many posts on this kind of thread, and no posts on my thread that actually requires help?

I’ll help you.

Contact me via steam: [FL:RP] Shorty or roblox12