I need a gmod host that can handle 90 slot darkrp servers

I have been looking for about 2 weeks but have found nothing that i am looking for Because all of them say there cpus cant handle more than like a 40 slot darkrp server. Thanks!

Well you could buy a vps. http://www.kimsufi.com/uk/.

That appears to only be in Europe tho I need them to be in USA preferably Chicago. However that is like something I would be looking for!

They do have it in north america https://www.kimsufi.com/en/order/kimsufi.cgi?hard=142sk3&dedicatedQuantity=1


No problem but you know it is hosted in canada iirc.

I’m hosting a 100 slot DarkRP on a dedicated server from NFO, I suggest you check them out.

These servers have a really low core frequency compared to other VPS hosts…
Try NFOServers indeed, or you could try this host I found in another thread.

Also, I replied to your other thread, I don’t really understand why you would make 2 threads, with the same question, in under a hour.

That is a great cpu, the ram and storage is just too little

Excuse me? Their $15 plan can run at least 2 servers, if not 3. Lets assume that server can host 100 slots, that’s $0.15 per slot. You won’t find any host for that price.

NFOServers is definitely recommended. They provide some DDoS protection, and has an in-house control panel for their customers. I suggest trying them. The VDS 1-2 Core is just fine for what you’re asking.

That is true. I thought about something else. Yeah their 15dollar plan is awesome.

A dedicated box from OVH or SoYouStart should do it.

I could host it for $0.20/slot

Check out www.revoltservers.com
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