I need a great hlcg,hlbsp,hlvis,hlrad,and fgd to run map

I ran a map both in valve hammer editor and jack hammer.Both of them had problems.
in valve hammer editor,there were A few bugs ,and didn’t create brush great.
In Jack hammer,one part of my map was quite invisible :slight_smile: But it didn’t have those bugs and is better than valve hammer.the only problem is the invisible parts.
So I’m looking for a great files to compile.
I’m working on a “goldsource” map.


Well, lets say that wasn’t very coherent.
But post your compile logs. This is important and most vital part in any troubleshooting process, reviewing logs.

OK THANKS.I’ll upload the compile log later ,cuz I don’t have the access to it right now :slight_smile:

“invisible parts” sounds like a leak.

Make sure u don’t have radius culling turned on when compiling.

Thanks guys.
Since I made a big box for the map as sky,so there is no leak.
And the radius culling is turned off.
Here is the file.if sb can fix it,I’ll be glad.


it would be nicer if you used the code tags wit your compile log ie

like this :)