I need a hosting tool (Web acces/auto svn etc...)

Hi guys, not to long ago there was a hosting tool for gmod posted on the garrysmod.com site… just as i want to look it up again garry has changed his site and trashed everything that was on it :frowning:

It was an easy to use tool… that gives your server web administration (restarting) and also provides an easy svn addons & content downloader…

Can someone hook me up again?

If you cant find it exactly… is there some other tool wich i can use to remotely restart my servers???

*Im not a noob at hosting, i just need a better way then having to get a remote desktop connection started when an srcds server goes down)

>remote desktop

Is it TC Admin you mean OP?

No it was a free simple tool, but ill try tcadmin (tryed some other tool like that before but it turns out it recuires the server to be connected directly to your outside IP…

And im sorry but winserver2003 was the easy way to host the websites, ftp services, games and all other projects im working on

Remote Desktop is probably your best bet, have something like ServerWatcher (or whatever the name of it was) running to auto-restart after crashes and you’ll be fine. Might also be an idea to set up a Subversion repo and have it automatically pull the latest updates on a regular basis (I had some bash scripts that did this for Linux, they were piss easy to make)

Get out

Ahwell… i just tried tcadmin… recuires a shitload to get setup… wich i dont want…

I guess ill go back to the old way for now (i indeed had setup a serverwatch program)
I might be able to make something with phyton later this year ^^
just started school again and now doing application developement… so with php and phyton i might be able to make a tool myself…
ill make sure to release it (open source ftw :stuck_out_tongue: )

but still if anyone can find me this holy tool again…

Which is why every single server in the local nuclear reactor uses either Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008.

Windows totally isn’t for servers, obviously.

I somehow doubt the actual control circuits use Windows. “carbon-rods.exe has stopped working” :S

  • far more likely they use embedded systems written in Ada 83 running on VXWorks or QNX OS

That said, there are reactors that use windows, but probably for exchange and office workstations

server4ugaming (Sgt Dutchy) if you try and make servers again I will take them offline.



It would be the most useful I’ve ever seen the Action Center be…

Back on topic: TCAdmin isn’t actually (at all) that hard to set up, major issue is that it costs money.

So? How often do they have to reboot? (There are Linux servers that have years of uptime)

About the only time you have to reboot is for windows updates, and with those off/not applied (a bad idea mind you) you can keep windows servers up just as long as any other server. There’s nothing inherent in windows that “requires” restarting at certain intervals.

Using windows as a server was one of my lifes biggest mistakes.

Windows isnt… made for servers, get Windows 2008 and just turn almost every service off and you’ll increase the servers performance by heeaaaapppsssss

Ofcourse it is, Windows and Linux both have there ups and downs, there is no better OS, it depends what you are going to be using it for.

Linux is far superior. Windows does have it’s place in server hosting, but it is not comparable to Linux IMHO.

I have to say, we do use Windows Server 2008 at work and it’s pretty solid. I do however prefer to use Linux or FreeBSD on a server.

Microsoft team put too much effort into the products making it look nice and shiny when, the backend is full of memory usage and wastes all this useful shit, like your CPU, RAM, HDD.

I run windows 7 and I can’t get my ram usage under 500MB with all the stuff I can turn off.

They have the uselessness of all these services running that its basically just sucking all that power for nothing.

Windows is fine for servers if you don’t give a damn about networking, IIS is fine for a small site too. However, if you are running a larger community or already have decent linux knowledge there isn’t a single reason not to run linux.

You are probably thinking of ServerChecker. TCAdmin is something that a Gameserver provider would use, if you have remote desktop you should be doing it properly with tortoisesvn and serverchecker to do svn and server restarting. You aren’t really going to find a web interface unless you use ServerDoc which I never have. TCAdmin is definitely not what you want to use even though it is what you are thinking of.

ITT people think they know about the inner workings of nuclear reactors.

OP: TCAdmin is probably what you’re looking for. A free alternative is ServerChecker which will also restart servers but doesn’t have a web interface.