I need a ice pick wall climb

Can anyone make me a weapon/entity what ever. That is like the ice pick thing in mw2 ???

You should use the crowbar as the ice pick. with left click as left crowbar and right click as right crowbar.

( Can you give it the ability to clime walls )

picture http://erionvea.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/3586891697_4f5a8477fb_o.jpg

I like it!
Someone make the model and ill do it.

There’s a model out there that would be perfect.

It’s a single ice pick SWEP, but you could just have the same model on each side, one of them mirrored.


Found it: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=85386


You wouldn’t have to ask permission either, because there the HL2 beta weapons.

So get crackin’! :v:

I knew about that one, i was hoping for one that was one model, Until then i guess i can use this…

Thank you so much.

Allso is there a release date for this and can you clime walls with it or just kill things.

You will be able to climb walls.
I still need a model though, i rather not do dumb lua hack.

There is a Climb SWEP, maybe the code from that could be merged with the iceaxe and the animations.

I have seen that wall clime but it climes very fast. I need a more mw2 slower with cool animations thing.

You mean make it go into the wall, and you pull yourself up with your other hand and such? That would require a modeler, for custom animations.

I think there’s a similar looking ice pick model in the Strider Mountain mod.

We are sorting out the animations and things now because awarermonosan is now working with me. I belive the model stufe is going to be sorted.

Seriously don’t let this thread die, it sounds awesome. This sounds absolutely perfect for a gamemode I’m working on.